What Could You Possibly Need 11 Police For?

This seems like it should be a crazy police chase with all of the cops involved, come to find out its a guy on a moped. Why did they need some many cops?!  

Spraying Kids at a Bus Stop

And the d*ck of the day award goes to - THIS DRIVER! That would suck to have to go to school after getting blasted with that puddle.


Girls Are Never Cold On Halloween

Halloween has to be tough for girls, they have to put on these really small costumes, walk around in heels outside, worry about freezing. But "How can we be cold, when we look this hot!" College Humor

Worst Way To Start A Marriage: Drop Your Wife

Want to know the worst way to start your new marriage? Drop your wife in front of all her friends and family! This guy needs to hit the weights, at least they play it off pretty well.  


This Model Wore A Corset For 7 YEARS

Model Kelly Lee Dekay trained her body to be the shape it is today by wearing a corset for 7 years! I guess this is easier then a typical diet? Here are some pictures from her Instagram: Kelly Lee Dekay has 16 inch waist and has TRAINED her body to be that shape Photos From [...]

Angel on a Segway is Kinda a D*ck

Whenever a someone comes close to death and some one else says they must have a guardian angel looking over them, this is what I imagine happens when that persons time finally comes.


Woman Sets Roommate On Fire Because He Threw Away Her Meatballs

After a night of drinking at 2:30 a.m. 33-year-old Melissa Dawn Sellers and her 42-year-old roommate Carlos Ortiz Jr got into an argument that escalated very quickly. Melissa was very understandably upset to learn that Carlos had thrown away her spaghetti and meatball left overs that she wanted to finish, what happened next is where [...]

The Bikini Game Takes a Very Weird Turn

A group a girls playing the bikini game, what could go wrong? EVERYTHING! And If you have not played the bikini game before I would suggest you try it.  


Literally Scaring The Sh*t Out Of People: Chainsaw Massacre Prank In The Bathroom!

Have you ever had to walk into a rest stop bathroom late at night, the ones where you can just smelly the sketchy-ness? These guys planned the perfect prank where they use that sitatuion to literally scare the sh*t out of someone! Subscribe To TwinzTV

10 Hours Walking Around NYC As A Man

After a video of a woman experiencing over 100 instances of street harassment during a 10 hour period walking the streets of New York City went viral, Funny Or Die News decided to conduct an experiment to see what happens to a white man walking the streets of NYC. Watch the results below:


News Anchor Forget His Mic Was On & Says Something That Gets Him Fired

This guy just started at his new job as a news anchor and forgot his mic was still on. He was fired right after the show, that has to be some kind of record.  

6 Weirdest Lawsuits Ever Heard In Court

Here are 6 weird lawsuits that actually got heard in court.    


Leonardo DiCaprio Shows Up In Chimp Mask, Leaves With The Hottest Girls

Leonardo DiCaprio still has not won his Oscar, but I don't think that was on his mind last night. Most people need to look their best pick up some of the hottest girls on the planet but not my boy Leo. All he had to do was throw on a gorilla mask and the girls [...]

Lady Goes Crazy Towards Abortion Protesters

Want to see a lady go crazy? All you need to do is find one who has very strong views on abortion (like this lady) and get the camera ready! I lost track of all the F bombs she drops.  


Policeman Faceplants Wall Trying To Stop Herd Of Topless Women

A bunch of topless women running around plus a policeman faceplating into a wall. You can’t ask for much more in a video. During a topless rally by a radical feminist protest group (we asked and no they aren't taking on any dude members), this police officer didn't have the best attack plan, not only [...]

Bull Executes Perfect Pile-Driving Move

First: What game are these guys playing?! It looks like musical chairs with the wildcard of a bull chasing you down. I knew this could only end in disaster. Wait till you see the form of the bull on the pile driver, Vince would be proud.  


Instant Karma For Trying to Steal Purse On a Bus

Instant karma when two guys try to steal a ladies purse on the bus and the bus driver slams the door just in time. One of the thevies gets a nice little beat down from the driver while he waits for the next stop.  

Russian Town Holds Real Life Fight Club For Fun

The first rule about fight club is you don't talk about fight club! These guys broke that rule by not only posting about it online, the also have a video! Young men from Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg, organized a mass brawl together. Enjoy.  


Gold Digger Travels Across China To Have Sex With Millionaires In Each City

Ju Peng is a 19 year old woman in China who has come up with a genius plan to pay for all her lodging and expenses as she travels across the country. Posting an ad on the Chinese social media website Weibo she explains this plan of hers as "[The men] will fund my transport [...]

The “Boiling Water Challenge” is Catching on With the Crackhead Community

The ALS ice bucket challenge was all about raising awareness for ALS. A lot of people felt that message was lost a long the way and it just became the cool thing to do on Facebook. Now we have these guys who are trying to create the next big thing, THE BOILING WATER CHALLENGE. This [...]


10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

This girl walked 10 hours silently through all areas of Manhattan wearing jeans and crewneck t-shirt, listen to all the dudes holler at her.  

Guy Goes Insane Over Someone Not Thanking Him

This guy thought he deserved a thank you for holding the door open for an In And Out worker. When he does not get that thank you, sh*t hits the fan! At one point I think I heard him yell "F*ck The Police"?!  


Guy Sings As Wife Is Pushing Out Baby

Here is one good way to calm down your wife when she is about to push out the baby, just tell her to "let it go". Even the nurse can't help buy laugh at this husbands song.

Skateboarders Remove Huge Sliver With Pliers

A splinter is one of those things you hate complaining about since they are so small. This is the opposite! You can normally handle the removal with just tweezers but these skateboarders needed something a little bigger.  


Joke Wi-Fi Name Grounds LAX Flight

Here is a rule for anyone traveling, if you are going on a plane make sure you change your 'funny' Wi-Fi name or else your network name can cause airport scares. ABC 7 reports that an American Airlines jet missed its scheduled takeoff time for a flight from Los Angeles to London because a passenger [...]

Girl Faked Being Deaf For Nine Months To Keep Her Boyfriend

This is one of the craziest things I have ever heard a girl do! She prentends to be deaf when she meets a guy out of panic and then keeps up the lie for 9 months! She explains that when they first met she was shocked that he even wanted to speak to her. So [...]


Guy Knocks Himself Out Playing Dodgeball

Dodgeball is intense, in college my team of 7 bros got into a brawl with our rival "ballers". The guy in this video went for the back flip dodge, not only did he knock himself out, he got tagged so he is eliminated! All that work for nothing.  

Dog Takes A Crap In The House, Roomba Tries To “Clean” It Up

While this guy was at work his dog took a crap in the house. He has his roomba set to clean at 8 it tried to sweep the poop up but ended up just smearing it around the house! "FML"


Jim Carrey Spoofs Matthew Mcconaughey’s Lincoln Commercials On SNL

I hate these new Matthew Mcconaughey commericials and it seems Jim Carrey and SNL agree. Jim Carrey's impression is spot on sometimes I forget he isn't really trying to sell me a Lincoln.  

Genius Strapped A GoPro Camera To A Whiskey Bottle During A Wedding

You no longer need to hire a wedding photographer! Just get a few GoPro cameras and watch get ready to watch the video of all your closest friends and family getting smashed on your special day!  


21 Inappropriate Pumpkins For A Better Halloween

The classic Jack-o'-lantern design just won't cut it for Halloween. You need something a little bit edgier. Some people carve witches gettin it on, while others go for the classic pumpkin who has had to much to drink. h/t HuffingtonPost & Buzzfeed

Think You’re Having A Bad Week? This Will Help (Fails Of The Week)

Some people think they're invincible when really, they're idiots. If you think you're having a bad week, just watch these guys:  


Guys Play Real Life Angry Birds Off A Cliff

I would never consider jumping off a cliff even with a parachute. These guys decided to go next level by building a catapult to launch themselves off the cliff.    

The Difference Between American and British Reporting on Ebola is Hilarious

In America, it seems like he world is ending, while in England the ebola crisis doesn't seem like a big deal at all. How could reactions to the Ebola virus be so different? That’s what British comedian Russell Howard explains in this video. I am not a big British TV buff but he reminds me [...]


Google Employee Arrested By FBI For Allegedly Scamming College Girls For Nudes

The FBI has arrested a Google employee after he allegedly threatened to publish nude pictures of a University of Texas college student to a Dark Net revenge porn site unless she sent him even more explicit photos and videos. Nicholas Rotundo, a 23-year-old IT resident at Google, was arrested this month and charged in a [...]

Homophobic Guy Assaults Man In Airport And Gets Tackled By Group Of Bystanders

Today in the Dallas airport, a guy was not to happy with a man taking a video of him, after some homophobic comments he attempts a karate kick, and a b*tch slap. Then the bystanders jump in!  


Even Weirder Boob Shaker Video

Sara X is at it again shaking her boobs for the benefit of others, but this time she brought a friend for the ladies to enjoy. You can cover the left half the screen if you are not into that though.

Guy Manages To Get Moth Stuck In His Ear

At a birthday party in a barn in Missouri, a drinking Michael Gorman somehow allowed a moth to invade his ear canal. After a quick Google search for instructions the other party goers decided that they should help pry the moth out. Luckily they also decided to get the whole incident on film for everyone [...]


2 Idiots Battle The Parking Gate With Their Car

What happens when a car really wants to get into the parking garage but the gate stays down, ram it of course. I watched this video 3 times so it's safe to say that I am an expert now. Before the car initially blasts the gate, the passenger gets out and possibly tries to stop [...]

15 Ridiculous Tinder Pickup Lines

The Tinder app is all about hooking up, most of the people still using the app have given up on serious conversations all together.  Here are the best, the worst, and the funniest Tinder pick-up lines. I really hope some of these worked out.                    


Giant Wolf Spider Carries Its Babies

Spiders get a bad rep and they 100% deserve it. They are all shapes and sizes and look like nothing else on this earth. They crawl creepy, have hair, scary eyes, etc. The babies ones are just as scary especially when hundreds are on the back of its mother.

Guy Boils Coca Cola and Coke Zero. The Results Were Shocking

If you love soda and are influenced easy by youtube videos do NOT watch this video. It will change the way you look at your drink. You will literally see how much sugar a regular bottle of Coke has compared to Coke Zero. I love seeing experiments like this that reveal hidden truths behind every [...]


19 Moments of “Oh Sh*t”

You can't control everything, and when bad luck mixes with bad ideas you get the "Oh Sh*t" moment. If you haven't had an "Oh Sh*t" moment, you are a lot luckier then these people. (Picture Sources:,, Tell Us Your Worst "Oh Sh*t" Moment In The Comments Below:

Man’s Proposal Rejected Because He Has A Small Penis

Wow, talk about cold blooded. This poor guy was rejected on the JUMBOTRON in front of thousands of people. I have had some bad days but can't imagine that feeling. He believed he was in love and at the time he had no clue why she rejected him. Turns out his penis was just too [...]


Giraffe Gets Revenge on the Bully Rhino

This giraffe finally got tired of putting up with the bully rhino and he will most likely never mess with the giraffe again.

Terrifying Halloween Prank From Rémi Gaillard

This dude Rémi Gaillard has some of the best videos on all of YouTube. With pranks sizzling out he still manages to produce some quality shit. Halloween is right around the corner this prank fits the theme perfectly. I honestly turded in my pants a tiny bit. Enjoy! Terrifying Halloween Prank From Rémi Gaillard   [...]


Ronald McDonald Got Cheated On

On this episode of Cheaters: Ronald McDonald suspects his wife Birdy is cheating on him! And just like on every other episode of Cheaters, things escalate really quickly.  

Sex Ed Teacher Arrested for Raping Male Student

These stories seem to keep happening, teachers having sex with students and getting busted for it. This is 24-year-old basketball coach Megan Mahoney who had sex with one of her male students at least twice a week. The Staten Island teacher has been charged with 30 counts of statutory rape and four of criminal sexual [...]


Prisoner Escapes Through Jail Door With Ease

Jail should be a place where it is nearly impossible to escape. This guy shows off that you do not need some elaborate prison escape plan to get out of incarceration. Now this plan will obviously only work if you are skinny but shit, all he had to do was slide right through the [...]

“F*CK CHINA TOWN” Racist Rant from Tour Guide During Tour

On this girls last day of work as a tour guide she decided to let everyone know how she really felt about the city of San Francisco.  


27 Private Snapchats That Became Very Public

Snapchat is mostly used now when you are taking a dump and need something else to do. But some people are still using the app for its orginal purpose... sex stuff! (Sources: Facebook,,,

Determined Dog Keeps Trying To Untie Woman’s Bikini

The little dog is trying to turn this regular beach into a nude beach. It seems the owner can't really get mad at his dog for just giving the people want the want! Truly mans best friend.


Girl Loves Freckles (The Chatroulette Ginger)

Sometimes I like to go on chatroulette and pretend I am ginger for fun. This girl was feelin' me. Girl Loves Freckles (The Chatroulette Ginger)

Racism Insurance

"Oops I was racist, black guy come here" Have you ever been a a sticky situation when you say the wrong thing in front of the wrong crowd of people, if you you need racism insurance!  


Girl Opens a Beer Bottle With Her Boob

I have seen people open beer bottles with their mouth, knives, and random tools that are handy at the time. But this is a first, Watch this girl open the beer with her boob.  

Girl Freaks Out Over People Thinking She is a Dude

One of the biggest mistakes you can do is tell a girl she looks like a dude, this girl does NOT handle it very well.  


Guy Arrested After Having Sex with Stuffed Horse At Walmart

I have heard of some strange things that have gone down at Walmart but having sex with a stuffed horse has to take the cake.. Police arrested a man for "allegedly" masturbating using a stuffed animal inside Walmart. Police say 19-year-old Sean Johnson has been charged with indecent exposure in public and criminal mischief for [...]

Child Predator Hid in Teens Closet for 5 Days

A 27-year-old child predator who met a 14-year-old girl online and ended up moving into her closet for five days could face up to life in prison on charges including statutory rape. Police say that after communicating with the girl on social media for a few weeks, North Carolina man Jarred Ashley Workman arranged to [...]


Sasha Grey Reads Some NSFW And Very Creepy Texts

Inappropriate texts, tweets, and tinder messages are nothing new, but when former porn star Sash Grey reads them out loud they seem a whole lot dirtier. While Sasha Grey is going around promoting her new movie (not that kind of movie she is retired!) Open Windows she stopped in and joined Machinima ETC’s “Creepy Text [...]

Drunk Woman Gets DUI When She Mistakes County Jail For a Bar

You must have had a pretty good night if you can fix up the bar you were just at, with the county jail. Apparently that was just the case for one highly intoxicated Michigan woman who mistook the Van Buren County Jail for a bar, police say. Authorities say the 39-year-old woman smelled of alcohol [...]


Dip Sh*t Pours Boiling Water on His Face for the “Boiling Water Challenge”

It doesn't get much more stupid than this. In an obvious ripoff from the viral video sensation the "ice bucket challenge" this guy thought it would be funny to pour boiling water on his face and body. It doesn't take a genius to know that boiling water can cause 2nd degree burns and doing it [...]

Knockout After a Pizza Slap to The Face

Walking up to a random kid and slapping them in the face with a pizza is not a good idea. It looked as if nothing was going to happen until the camera man decided to lip off a little. Yes it might be looked at as a sucker punch but damn, you don't just slap [...]


27 People That Need to Up Their Photoshop Game

Photoshop is a great tool to use when editing pictures. Some people try to stretch the limits of what is really possible with the program. Here are some of the worst:

High School Coach Sends Jerk Off Snapchat To Team of Girls

A women's soccer coach at a Connecticut high school sent a 10-second Snapchat masturbation video to some of his players, state troopers told the Hartford Courant. The man says the jerk-off vid was intended for his girlfriend, but he inadvertently sent it to the high schoolers instead. Jeffrey Sirois has been fired from his job—a [...]


Man Suing After Waking Up From Surgery in Pink Panties

A man in delaware was so "emotionally stressed" after waking up in some pink woman's panties he decided to sue. Andrew Walls underwent a colonoscopy, woke up to find someone had dressed him in pink women's panties. Walls was put under anesthesia during the procedure and he awoke after surgery to find someone had dressed him [...]

Advertisement With Breasts Caused 500 Accidents in One Day

Who thought putting boobs on the side of a truck was a good idea?  30 ads were placed on the side of trucks, all of them the exact same: a woman cupping her breasts with her nipples covered by a thin blue strip. The words across the blue strip read: They Attract. If your advertising [...]


Woman Knocks Man Out After He Asks What She Charges For Sex

A cocky clubber picked the wrong woman to mess with in Atyrau, Kazakhstan this week. After these girls decided to decline his invitation he decided to insult them by asking if they were prostitutes and how much they charged for sex! Not the best idea. One of the women was so offended  she reared back [...]

Crazy Amazonian Spider Found That’s The Size Of A Puppy

Traveling through the Amazon rainforest is forever crossed off my list of things to do. A scientist trekking through the Amazon rainforest made a goliath discovery when he stumbled on a spider ‘the size of a puppy’. Piotr Naskrecki, an entomologist, said he heard the beast’s footsteps before he even saw it. ‘I could clearly [...]


Why You Need To Calm Down About Ebola

This past week, the Center for Disease Control confirmed the first diagnosis of Ebola within America. Not surprisingly, many Americans started freaking out. People fear what they don’t understand, and Ebola is a foreign disease with no cure. Part of the reason Ebola has spread so rapidly in Africa is due to poor infrastructure and a [...]

Luigi Doesn’t Give A F*ck

Luigi rides his kart into Anime Expo with some green shell ammo and does not care who is getting a picture taken. He got to live out my dream and play some real life Mario Kart As you would have guessed at the anime expo some people were not amused. (D Piddy's Channel)


Hopeful Playboy Model Arrested With 58,000 Ecstasy Pills On A Private Jet

A "hopeful" Playboy model has got herself into some trouble after getting caught with more than 58,000 ecstasy pills and more than $7,000 in cash. The model had just landed at John Wayne Airport in California after flying on a private jet from Las Vegas when she was collared by the authorities. Krista Boseley reportedly told [...]

Blowing Girls Clothes Off Prank

In a time where pranks are getting unoriginal and boring, and most of the time taking place 'in the hood' it was nice to see something new. Watch as Roman shocks passers-by just by blowing the clothes off these two lovely women. These reactions are priceless.     Roman's Channel


Couple Hospitalized After Getting Stuck During Ocean Sex

Sex on the beach is a lot more dangerous than it seems in the movies. A romantic day on the beach turned into a sticky situation when a couple got stuck together getting it on. An Italian couple having sex in the sea were hospitalized after they ended up getting “stuck” together due to suction. [...]

Red Bull Gets Sued For Not Actually Giving People Wings

You read that right! Red Bull is paying out people who may have been misled by the advertising, drank their drink and did not get wings. They are paying out $13 million all because the slogan "Red Bull Gives You Wings" is a big, fat lie. Pending final court approval of the settlement, anyone who [...]


Guy Catches His Girlfriend Cheating On Him With Her Roommate

This guy catches his girlfriend cheating on him with her roommate. He did not take it lightly and posted this picture on Facebook. The best thing about Facebook, everyone can voice their opinion on the situation and these comments do not disappoint. Like I said comments do not disappoint if you want some more reading [...]

Kid Gets Blasted In The Face During Slo-Mo Camera Test

So a guy is testing his new slow motion camera while some kids are playing with a soccer ball. Surely nothing hilarious could come from this, right? WRONG! Slow Motion Camera test was a success.


This Innovation For Couch Moving Couldn’t Get Any Better

If you have ever lived on the higher stories of an apartment building or your college dorm you know what a pain it is to move your heavy stuff down all those stairs. These guys found a way to skip the stairs all together! I can't wait to try this on my next move.

Drunk Fan And Bear Get Crazy On Jumbotron

This is the definition of "Turn Down For What". This guy made the most of his 49 seconds of fame at the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game. I knew things were heating up when his shirt was off in the first 5 seconds. Next thing you know, we have a bear with beers and we [...]


Marine Survives Taliban Headshot

A Taliban sniper managed to get a non-fatal headshot on a Marine's helmet while the Marines were conducting a joint helicopter raid in the Now Zad district, Helmand Province. Start looks like you are watching real life call of duty: The shot occurs right at the :45 mark in the video. Good thing these guys [...]

Mozart Boob Shaking Girl Has Some Competition

Is this becoming a thing? Please tell me this boob shaking to classical music will be the new ALS trend. If you can remember a few days ago we posted Sara X's video of her shaking her boobs to the classic Mozart song: Yesterday biancaghez let it be known that "Hey Mozart chick.... You're doing [...]


Paintball Gets Lodged Into Guys Arm

Getting hit with a paintball from close range hurts enough, these guys show just how painful it can be when a paintball gets lodged into his arm. Seems like a pretty fair distance to not leave that bad of a mark: Maybe I missed judged the distance!

Girl Shakes Her Boobs To Mozart

Boob Twerking is a real thing, and this girl shakes it to Mozart like a pro! This girl in the videos name is Sara X What made her decide to film herself shaking her boobs to the tune of Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik.” ?? Do you really care?!? Just watch the video  


Eminem Goes Back To High School

After a tough touring schedule Eminem decided to unwind and head back to highschool: He had a tough time trying to fit in: He couldn't pick between the jocks and the nerds: And I think he pulled a Billy Madison and hooked up with his teacher:

This “Stay In School” Commercial Escalated Quickly

In what started as what I thought was a beer commercial, 4 kids sneak out of school and head to the beach. They get picked up with this tool: Get Naked In the back of his truck Here is where I was expecting "Mikes Hard Lemonade" to flash in and the beat to [...]


Standing on the Piece You Are Removing is Not Smart

Basic rules of demolition Do not cut the branch on which you sit.

Guy Makes Ebola Joke on a Plane, BAD IDEA

Once these passengers landed in Punta Cana they were told by the flight attendants that there was a situation and that a passenger may have been in Africa and had Ebola. Bad idea to joke about that.


Key & Peele Texting Miscommunication

Key & Peele show how texting miscommunication is not only a common issue but can lead to friends fighting. Want more texting fails? Checkout 12 Awkward Texts With Parents

Guy Shoots At People “In The Hood” as a Prank

Prankster takes it to the next level and actually shoots some people in the hood.


17 Pictures That Got These Girls Banned

They are very strict about what you can and can't post on social media. These girls did NOT read the terms and conditions.

Daredevil Kids Climb Skyscraper Then Hack A Billboard On Top

The people behind the YouTube channel On The Roofs are known for ascending insanely high buildings and taking cool, point-of-view photos and videos while atop the structures. They recently visited Hong Kong and created one of their coolest videos yet. In the video, they take an elevator to the top of a skyscraper in the center of [...]


8 Myths About Sex That Are Actually True

Have you ever been told you girls cannot get pregnant from oral sex? Well think again! Here are 8 more myths about sex that are actually true.

NBA2K15’s Face Scanner is Frightening

2K sports just released NBA2k15 for Xbox1 and PS4. They are using facial recognition to build you into the game so you can play with the pros. Lets just say all the tweaks are not worked out yet.