Woman’s Head Lit on Fire After Failed Bar Stunt

In Moscow, a woman visiting a bar is suing for $30,000 after being set on fire during the making of a cocktail. The bartender and other employees were shocked when seeing such a fire plume that they were unable to even try to help to the woman. The ambulance was called by her friend.

head lit on fire2

The woman said after the incident “When they put me on a stretcher, I saw something interesting. The bartender kept making drinks and he basically couldn’t care less what he just did. In the hospital, the doctors took off my skin on my neck and told me it won’t be required.”

The bar says the woman is at fault for standing so close to the fire and ordering such a complex cocktail. I hope the court sees that a bartender shouldn’t make a cocktail that they are unqualified for, the moron was pouring more alcohol on top of the fire.

Watch the whole firework show in the video below: