Woman Snapchats Kicking NBA Prospect Out After Sex & Hopes She’s Pregnant

If these guys keep hooking up with thots they are going to keep get exposed on the internet!

Future NBA draft pic, Maryland center Diamond Stone learned a valuable lesson recently  be very careful when hooking up with women who are obsessed with social media.

Stone who currently has a first round projection for next years NBA draft got called out on Snapchat after sex.


Diamond reportedly hooked up with a woman named Reyna, who refers to herself as “The Queen of Nudes” on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

His first problem was hooking up with anyone with the nickname QUEEN OF NUDES!! Come on man, nothing good can come from a few minutes in bed with a girl with that name.


Reyna took to social media after a “date” and put dude him on blast. Surprise, surprise.

She also claims that she slept with the future NBA center without protection.

She even said she hopes he impregnated her so she can get some hefty child support checks. Multiple sites shared some screenshots from Reyna’s Snapchat story:



Cold blooded. He better hope she isn’t knocked up…




Gold digger!

Here are some more pics of “The queen of nudes”





Moral of the story, if you are about to be a first round pick you should probably stay away from girls who go by the queen of nudes….

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