Waco Texas Teen Snapchats Lighting Fireworks Off Inside Dead Dog (GRAPHIC)

Warning one. No jokes will be on this post. I know the site is comedy, but people like this dude need to get caught. The internet helped track down a guy who threw boiling water on last year. Hopefully, the scumbags in this video are tossed in jail.

A member of the army sent us the following video with a description saying, “The kid shoved fireworks in the mouth and anus and lit the face on fire”

I could not even finish watching the video when I realized what was going on. I can’t warn you enough.

After doing some research the original video was found posted by this girl:


The video has really picked up stream online. More and more people are watching and sharing to try and get justice for this fucked up Snapchat.


People seem to be 100% supporting the original poster of the video of this guy:


“Harming animals is one attribute many sociopaths and psychopaths share amongst each other. I’m not saying this guy is or isn’t but it’s a quality many who are psychologically disturbed have!”

This is horrible and sickening. I hope this poor baby gets justice. I don’t care who this kid is related to he better be punished. I will be very upset if the waco pd doesn’t arrest this kid.

The OP also cleared up some of the questions you might have. I know I did…


Warning. I need to give you another 10x warning so you know that the video on the next page is extremely disturbing.

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