Three High School Students Facing Charges After Finishing On A Donut And Feeding It To Teacher

This is just wrong… You can’t hear this story and side with the students. This is fucked up!

According to LadBibleA high school cooking teacher got more than she bargained for during a taste test this week. Three Omaha Westside High School freshmen went to the bathroom on Thursday and added an ingredient to the frosted turnovers and donuts they were making as part of their home economics class. The boys, ages 14 and 15, each masturbated into containers, then mixed their bodily fluids with frosting, according to a law enforcement official familiar with the case.

They had made a trip to the toilet to do the deed in the cup and when she tasted them, as part of their assignment, she noticed someone wasn’t quite right. They were busted after a fellow pupil told her that they overheard the boys talking about what they were going to do.

The 3rd kid ‘didn’t finish’ but was still in the bathroom.


The boys face misdemeanor disturbing the peace charges. Their cases will be handled in juvenile court. Westside spokeswoman Brandi Petersen said the students will be disciplined, but said she could not release more details about the punishment. “The students will face consequences,” she said.