Searches For Pornstar Drake Picked Over JLo Have Skyrocketed

Dammit Drake… Now I have to do my own private research.

A few weeks ago Drake was spotted with JLo and everyone thought it was “super cute”. That all changed last weekend when Drake went out on a date with Pornstar Rosee Divine.


Who is Rosee Divine.?? I need to know! I NEED PICS!


What do you do when you see Drake with a pornstar you don’t know? RUSH TO LOOK THAT SHIT UP!


Pornhub saw searches for her fly through the roof.


As more news outlets picked up the story, Pornhub searches for Rosee skyrocketed by 2656% on January 25th and made her the most searched for person on Pornhub.


Not bad Drake… Not bad at all…


This is how JLo dealt with the “breakup”

BTS promo shoot #WOD #WorldofDance #gonnabefun #spring/summer #NBC #worththewait

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