People Reveal The Worst Ways They Have F*cked Up During Sex

It is pretty easy to screw up during sex when you factor in booze, experience, and effort. I have known people who have passed out mid session and others who have puked all over the girl. These people revealed some similar stories and some you better hope never happen to you…

The question asked was: What are some of the worst ways you f*cked up during sex? The people of Reddit delivered.

PoeticJedi said: When I said I liked biting, I did not intend for my testicles to get bitten 🙁

Bathosfear revealed: I kept trying to get my girlfriend to 69. She shyly declined with “no, I’ll just do you” so I always quickly shut up. But I didn’t stop trying to convince her. She finally relented and we went to it. And she lightly farted on my face the entire time. I never brought it up again, but I did marry her.

Poor elfbuster

When I was a teenager and had little to no experience I was at a girls house after a party attempting to fingerbang her. I ended up fingering the spot inbetween her vagina and leg (basically the crease in her leg)

Needless to say she didn’t call me back…ever.

DAMN!! freeze69IceMan: Went to pull up the blankets, they got stuck so I pulled harder. Hand slipped and I uppercut her right on the chin. Broke her jaw.

OUCH! I’m of a uh, larger persuasion, I bottomed out in my gf and broke my dick. Like bent sideways. Hurt to pee for 2 weeks, not fun. Also one time she was on top and I went to spank her super hard and I got my boys instead. Not fun.

Savage? BigSmed

Not washing my hands after cutting onions and jalapenos. Didn’t wash my mouth out beforehand either.

Had the pussy sweatin

Chri910 revealed: Passed out asleep mid-thrust. Jack Daniels man…

This guy deleted his profile after revealing this: Falling asleep while knuckles deep. I was tired.

Corphis revealed: Finger blasting an ex gf, accidentally slipped out during hyperdrive and I apparently had a hang nail…sliced up her clitoris… Pizza cutter style

Ksight3 said: Girl took off her shirt and I said “could be better”

To be fair, I meant it would be better if she was completely nude (her tits were great) but I was drunk and she thought I was talking about her chest

Bud-Bundy: Threw up on a girl during. Worst part is, she got me back by doing literally the same thing 2 years later. Oh college. Oh karma

gran_helvetia said: Once I tried to remove a girl’s panties with my mouth and ended up biting (pinching) her clit. It broke skin and we couldnt have sex for a couple of days