Navy Seal Regrets Bragging About “Sexy Girlfriend” Online After People Discover Her Past

This guy gets rekt on the 4chan boards after bragging about his girl and how tough he is. Never open up the box of worms when you are dealing with internet monsters.

The post reads: Rate me and my gf. Just finished Navy seals training in this pic. Currently on vocation in scandinavia. Im the most alpha on 4chan


Immediately people called him out for the “navy seals training” portion of the post. First people started getting on him about the picture. Saying it was fake because it says training in the back and his uniform is messed up, to which OP replies:

“ahh wrong pic. this was from the time i was a green beret”

Someone thought the girl looked familiar but wanted to make sure… And then the dominos start to fall and his life gets flip turned upside down.




Oooo, GDP stands for girls do porn, turns out it is a very popular website (had to research people)


Maybe that isn’t her. The screen shot is pretty small. Good thing for us I did some SERIOUS research on this girl… BAM:


After plenty of NFSW images posted in the thread OP responds and defends the girl!


Poor guy… She was wearing the same clothes on the day of his picture and the day of the “modeling gig”

“Guy sees the video and posts it IS her, not only that but she was visiting him near where the porn studio was wearing the exact same clothes she wears in the sex video”

People dug in deeper, found her Twitter and and Facebook accounts and links the video to her and his family and friends, chaos ensued.

At least she was wearing the clothes.

I hope he didn’t kiss her after….

Update: Turns out the girlfriends name is Selena Green-Vargas. Normally we would try and give her some privacy but we had no choice but to use her real name since she pulled a Kim K and used her real name while getting banged.

She went from early in the day being with her man, kissing on him. Fast forward a few hours shes getting absolutely plowed by a total stranger.

He broke up with her and she didn’t seem to care about what had happened. Good times.