In-N-Out Not Happy After Instagram Model Films “Sexually Suggestive Acts On Burger”

You’d think any company would see a video of Abigail Ratchford dumping their product on her massive money makers and be excited about it in more ways than one.

BUT NO! In-N-Out isn’t down with that Carl’s JR type marketing…

Abigail Ratchford’s milkshake dripping, booby bouncing homage to In-N-Out is pissing off the burger joint’s execs, they’re demanding she take down her viral video or else.


According to TMZ:

In-N-Out lawyers fired off a letter sent to the model’s producer, LiveRichMedia saying they’ve been flooded with complaints over a video posted last month showing Abby in “various sexually suggestive acts with In-N-Out Burger food.”

At first viewing (second, third and fourth too) the “Dream Girl” clip might seem like a great plug, but the burger bosses are worried customers will think they’re in bed with Ratchford — which they say doesn’t mesh with the company’s image.

If it isn’t taken down immediately, In-N-Out says it will likely serve up a lawsuit. Fresh.

I wish our company could be in bed with her…