Man Cuts Meat Off Own Leg to See What Humans Taste Like

Greg Foot has a small piece of removed from his leg to find out what humans taste of.

It only makes since that a guy named Greg Foot would want to know what his leg tastes like.

Have you ever wondered what human flesh tastes like? It reminds me of that episode of Always Sunny when Charlie and Dee think they get addicted to the taste of human flesh.


Back to a guy who really wanted to taste some flesh. Science presenter Greg Foot tries to get to the secret of what human flesh tastes like in this excerpt from BritLab for the BBC.

Unfortunately, it’s actually illegal to eat your own flesh. So, in order to experience some semblance of the taste, they performed a biopsy of Greg’s leg muscle and settled for the aroma of his cooked flesh, which accounts for up to 80 percent of our sensation of taste.


The idea of eating human might make you want to puke but an analysis of the leg muscle shows that it is very similar in composition to both chicken and beef.

Check out the video below. Although, as you might have gathered, it isn’t for the p*ssies.