Man Caught Ejaculating Into Co-Workers Coffee For Years Gets Jail Time

The office jack off guy. That is a great thing to be known as…

Warning: Graphic content.

According to the Toronto Star, a 41-year-old man who admitted to ejaculating into a female coworker’s coffee cup and on her desk as well as rubbing his penis on her phone “for years” and recorded himself doing so will be free to walk the streets by next year! after an Ontario judge sentenced him to just 18 months behind bars.

Yeah, that crime only had an Ontario judge sentenced him to 18 months behind bars.


Douglas Whaley pleaded guilty to mischief to property as well as four counts of voyeurism and one count of illegally entering a dwelling to commit an offense for breaking into houses and videotaping unsuspecting victims in the shower. He also “sneaked into a home and videotaped himself ‘masturbating and ejaculating’ into the victim’s underwear.”

(This is not the actual panty sniffer below)


25 videos were discovered by police when they searched his phone and computer during a voyeurism investigation.

He was also banned from using a camera, video recorder or a smartphone or computer equipped with a camera for 10 years.

Whaley, a technician, had a previous conviction from 2011, where a security guard spotted him in a Walmart taking up-skirt pictures of a 16-year-old girl. He was caught by the same security guard in 2013, two months after his probation ended, taking photos of a woman’s “buttocks area,” the judge said.

Seems like he was pretty lucky to only get 18 months.