Justin Bieber Destroys Female Fan Who ‘Got In His Space’ To Take A Picture

When are people going to learn that celebrities, not just Justin Bieber aren’t fans of people running up on them taking selfies? Tossing some comments like this at them might help.

Yes people are going to call him a dick and douchebag for acting like this but like I said in a previous post, this dude is out of fucks to give.

Justin Bieber was grossed out by a female fan getting all up in his space for a pic, and he let her know it.

Here is what a girl at the scene said:

According to TMZ: Justin was in Melbourne, Australia Saturday, where a young girl tried snapping a selfie of herself next to the pop star grubbing on some finger food. He lectures her on respect … and then burns her with a harsh line. Bieber … don’t bother him … he’s eating.