Internet Conspiracist Shows ‘Proof’ That Eminem Was Murdered And Replaced With Imposter

Conspiracy theories are getting crazier with new ones trying to one up the old ones. This one in particular has always amazed me with how many people actually believe it.

There seems to be a large online following of the conspiracy theory that Eminem was murdered a decade ago and replaced with a cyborg. In the words of the creator of the following video “We will note that numerous celebrities have been replaced – whether by surgically modified impostors or by cloned doubles’ remains to be ascertained on a case-by-case basis – usually after a removal from public view for several months prior to reappearing as having been through psychological hell, severe physical trauma, psychological transformation therapy or any number of other cover stories to justify that they seem to have changed significantly enough that people cannot fail to notice. This way the explanation for such noted changes is given pre-emptively. Drug, alcohol and sex addiction and rehab being those used most recently, possibly to derive an additional value of role model suggestions to legitimise such moral decadence among their fans, thus undermining balanced traditional family values in society.”

Skip to 2:00 for the start of the justification for this conspiracy:

I just have a hard time believing that this group is smart and powerful enough to replace people with clones/cyborgs as life like as the ones in Westworld but yet miss so many subtle facial features that gives the whole plan away.