How To Get Unlimited Money In Fallout 4

With the release of every new Bethesda game they always are plagued with glitches and exploits that completely break the games economy. The video below shows you how to get unlimited money or if you don’t have time to watch a full tutorial we will provide a text tutorial as well!

Step 1: Buy all rounds of one ammo type from Vendor (e.g. all his .308 rounds).
Step 2: Sell back one of the rounds you just bought.
Step 3: Sell back all remaining rounds you just bought.
Step 4: One round glitches and stays with you, keep selling it until the vendor’s money is depleted.
Step 5: Keep buying back all of the Vendor’s rounds.
Step 6: Buy whatever you want and accept trade (for example buy ammo or a weapon/armor you like).
Step 7: Sleep for 24 hours and vendors will have their money back.