Guy Quits Job By Humping Bosses Daughter Then Posting It On Facebook

Rarely do you see a story when a guy quits his job and still comes out on top. Damn… I should have said cums out on top!

Here is the message we were sent with a 7 min long video. Props for lasting that long bro…

“this was posted on my Twitter feed, turns out Chris knew his days at the company were numbered so he found a way to stick it to his boss. his boss (the girl’s mother) was furious at the video. HE had already been in trouble so decided to say fuck it”

That is exactly what he did. Nothing surprises me on the internet these days. Film the stupid shit you do, post it on the internet.


When the video first started out I was 100% sure it was going to be some crossed the line nasty clip of a girl pulling something from her butt. Lucky for me, that was not the case at all. Just a lil warm up.



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