Guy Gets Construction Workers In Trouble After Penetrating Sisters Mattress

This is one of the stories I feel I need to start with, YOU SHOULD PROBABLY NOT TRY THIS MOVE AT HOME!

But, who am I to judge. In American Pie, the dude banged a pie… Is this worse?



This guy on Reddit posted his total f*ck up for all of us to enjoy.

Lets get right into it. I was home alone and decided it was a convenient time to have some fun. I had heard my friends talking about the “mattress baggie” masturbation trick. To sum it up quickly, you put on a condom and penetrate the spot between the mattress and box spring. Sounds weird, I know.

Anyways, so I decided to give it a try but my bed was way too low. On the other hand, my sister’s bed was the perfect height. There was no turning back and I went forward with it. It was amazing and I went to bed afterwards, waking up two hours later to the sound of my mother and father screaming. They were in my little sister’s room so I ran over and that’s when I realized what had happened. My mom was holding a cum filled condom that she found on my sisters dresser. That’s when I realized I had forgotten to clean up. My father got a baseball bat and was heading towards the neighbors house. They were undergoing construction and my parents came up with the thought that one of the contractors snuck into our house and masturbated in my little sisters room.

That’s when I had to explain everything to them. It was the most awkward moment of my life and I’m literally cringing while typing this. Imagine telling your parents that you just masterbated with a condom in your little sisters room (I left out the fact that I just fucked a mattress). Needless to say, we never spoke about it again.

TL;DR masturbated with a condom in my little sisters room and parents almost called the cops

Edit 1: no i’m not a pedo. My sisters been staying at my grandmothers house for over a year. Room is practically empty.

Edit 2: Popular question, my little sister is staying at my grandmothers house because she has special needs and my parents work forces them to move a lot.

Edit 3: The infamous drawer in my sisters room is visible as you walk past the room. I’m guessing they noticed the condom on top of it while walking by to their room.

Edit 4: Yes, I know I fucked up badly by forgetting to cleanup. After I finished, I put the cum filled condom on top of the drawer to go wash my genitals. The plan was to dispose of it afterwards. I don’t know how the fuck I forgot. It was my first time masterbating with a condom.