Guy Finds Out Girl Has Been Cheating On Him In The Worst Way Possible

This guy found out his girl had been sleeping around him on for awhile. 9 months to be exact. It doesn’t take a rocket science to do the math and figure out what happens 9 months after cheating…

KNOCKED UP! The best part is the girl who cheated on him seems like a complete moron!

Fucking Darrel… He posted his gem of a convo on Imgur:


That is a great excuse… “I get bored..”


Home wrecker X2… Fucking Darrel.


Lil dick. Nice comeback… You can tell this girl is not the brightest bulb. Also could be why he referred to her as a box of rocks.


He finished off the convo with a sick burn and logged onto Reddit to post one more meme summarising his pain.


Cold world.