Guy ‘Confesses To Murder’ In Creepy F*cking YouTube Video

I thought I was done with YouTube conspiracies after the 9-year-old video from last week turned out to be a hoax… But here we are!

This video was posted just 16 hours ago. The distressed man confesses to murdering ‘them’ and describes himself as a ‘killer’ who has gone mad because of drugs.


The video, called ‘who i killed’, paints the guy was a psychotic. He laughs and says “You’ll see. You’ll all see what I fucking did.”

People who know me, you know I wasn’t always like this. It’s the fucking drugs man, and I know what I did wasn’t right but it fucks with your fucking brain.

The dude has been keeping up on his Twitter with some pretty weird and telling messages:

Here is the video: