GraTaTa Guy Tweets After Allegedly Hooking Up With Cash Me Outside Girl

NOOOOOOOOOO! Two internet memes aka “stupid people who we talked about so they got famous” crossed paths in the worst way!

Cash Me Outside girl has been having a busy week. She went on a branding tour creating content with vine stars, Tai Lopez, and got turned down for radio interviews.

@loganpaul u crazy n Oreo jam is wack 💀💀 link in bio

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The week is taking a weird turn after former internet superstar (yes I said it) tweeted out that he got with the current internet superstar.

According to MTO: Cash has a new boyfriend who also doesn’t seem to be in her acceptable age range. AKA not a grown ass man.

Did you miss the GraTaTa moment? It came and went pretty fast after he went insane and had a stand off with the cops! 

He was probably the first, “WE ARE WE MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS” – he had his run and now I guess in between jail sentences he is making his way around with 13-year-olds?!

Part of me believes him and the bigger part of me hope he was just trying to make a quick joke and capitalise on the success of someone else. He tweeted:

Translation in my book: He hit her with a finger blast and she called him daddy loudly. She is a pretty cool person.

The tweet and post to his FB page (which are both still verified BTW which I find crazy… But that is a whole different article) have been deleted. So we can hope and pray it was all a joke and there won’t be a future for Gratata – Cash me ousside . The internet couldn’t handle all of those memes.