Goodwill Employee Called Out After Pretending to Have PTSD

A moron working at Goodwill needs to boost his self esteem by claiming to have been a sniper in the army until he finally gets called out.


I will never understand people who just want to pretend they were in the military when it doesn’t benefit them at all. This guy willfully brags about being a sniper but has absolutely no idea how the military works, it doesn’t seem to be the first time he has told this lie. You would think he would have done the minimal amount of research for his backstory. After boasting about his make believe tour in Iraq he gets called out by actual military members. When cornered with questions he tries to feign PTSD so he doesn’t have to keep talking. After being told that it’s a crime to impersonate a soldier he finally gives up and apologizes.


Watch a douche get told off in the video below: