Girls Plan To Test Her Dude’s Loyalty With A ‘Megan Fox Lookalike’ Backfires

If you can’t find your significant others social media profiles in 2016 some shady shit is going on. This girl went on ‘To Catch A Cheater’ to test her boyfriend with a Megan Fox lookalike.

These videos never go well, 1. they look fake as fuck 2. who has Megan Fox lookalikes just walking up to them at the gym.

This is the “lookalike” definiteĀ face sitter.

Wherever the wind takes me šŸŒ¬

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This dude might have smelled the trap but revealed he was actually married. The problem her, the girl in the video is not his wife.


Update: SINCE THE FILMING OF THIS VIDEO: We have since found out that her boyfriend was/still is in fact married. He told her he plans on separating from his wife but doesn’t want to pay child support and would prefer to keep things the way they are.
She told him she understands his situation & continues to see him to this day