Girl ‘Snapchats Her Own Car Crash’ To Show Dangers Of Filming At The Wheel

I have always said if you want to see people make some changes to bad habits you need to really shock them. Having a girl Snapchat and drive, a thing a lot of people do… CRASH should really wake some people up!

Police are using her Snapchats to create a hard-hitting video showing the dangers of people live-streaming while driving.

In the video, which was made using an actress, you can see a young woman singing and joking on Snapchat at the wheel just seconds before being involved in a serious crash.

The video is part of an awareness campaign called #Don’tStreamandDrive which highlights the problem of people live streaming at the wheel.

This isn’t the first time we have seen someone get behind the wheel, Snapchat and crash: The following video is disturbing.