Girl Participating In Snapchat Truth Or Dare Flashes Her Nipple In Ikea

Truth or dare has really stepped their shit up! Forget playing in person, thanks to Snapchat you can virtually peer pressure people into doing shit they secretly want to do.

Last week we saw a girl afraid to reveal her crush on Snapchat (the truth) so she decided to default to the dare. Of course, the group of people playing made her flash her titties in the middle of Walmart. 

No surprise, the game has been catching on and we are seeing more and more videos of people flashing, stealing, mooning and fighting. Basically anything other than telling the truth.

Today we got to see a girl whip it out in the Ikea restaurant!

I like trends like this! Hopefully, more people continue to play!


To see the NSFW video CLICK NEXT BELOW

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