Girl Gets Revenge On Boyfriend Who Wanted An “Open Relationship”

Open relationships sound just like a complete cluster f*ck to me. Let’s just say for an example you are dating a 9/10 babe. She wants to bang you and other dudes, but the twist is you are her “boyfriend” who buys the dinners, pays some bills, and gets to sleep in the same bed with her.

These other dudes are just smashing the girl you have feelings for and that is cool?? 9/10 do you stay in that sh*t? At what level do you bail?

This guy had the bright idea to start being “open like this” but fell deep in love with a girl namedJessica. She went back for some dude with a bigger weeny and now we are left with this dudes heartbreak…


First thing that caught me up here was how aggressive the girl was out the gate with the confession. I think the dude was texting her the whole time, not just at the end which you will see in a second.


Things are about to get real NSFW up in here!

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