Gamer Caught Beating Off After Leaving Camera On Before Livestream

This is why you always need to check your webcams before handling your business…

This gamer just found out the hard way that he broadcasted himself burping his worm on his stream.

He tweeted out: “Hello all! Today’s Nioh gameplay stream may start a bit later than usual as I’m running a little behind. I’ll have more info soon!”

It was running a little behind because he needed to fully prepare for this difficult stream…

He had text over his stream that read:


“The stream will be starting shortly. Please stand by…”

For the next 3 mins, DSP Gaming took some personal time… He must have not known his camera was still on and rolling.


After a few minutes of cranking and spanking he realizes his f*ck up…


That is the face you make when you realize the camera on the stream that was going out to your 182,000 subscribers was live…


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