Father Pulls Up Beside Daughter as She’s Doing Sexual Act on Boyfriend

This girl was trying to help her boyfriend by living out one of his fantasies. The classic road BJ… She hadn’t done it before for fear of going over a bump and accidentally bitting his member. That changed on this 3 hour journey back home.

One thing led to another and I decided to give him a blowjob. He loved getting it, I loved giving it. It was hot.

At the beginning, I told him to keep an eye out for cars passing and to tell me so I could stop in time. But as we got more and more into it I didn’t care anymore, in fact it was turning me on more that other people may know what’s going on. Plus, at this stage into the journey the roads were getting quieter (I live in a pretty quiet, small town, so there weren’t many people taking the same route as us that day).

This is when it all went downhill.

My boyfriend starts slowing down, we’re about to turn into the start of my hometown road. I was determined to make him finish before we got near my neighborhood. So I bob my head up and down fast. Just as he starts finishing, I hear someone calling his name. A car has pulled up beside him. My boyfriend literally finishes at the same time the voice calls him and he let’s out a loud grunt.

I can hear the voice saying “what the fuck” and realize I recognize that voice. I panic and jump up, hit my head off the steering wheel, bite my tongue and stuff goes all over my chin and top and pieces of the car. I look up and see my father staring back at me through the open windows. He just looks from me to my boyfriend, aghast, turns to face the road ahead and keeps driving.

We turned around and drove to my boyfriends apartment instead of going to my home to give my parents a surprise visit. Something tells me, Dad had gotten a surprise big enough for the whole family.

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