Fallout 4 Gameplay Screenshots Have Been LEAKED

The time has finally come after many years of development Fallout 4 gameplay screenshots have been leaked! I am not one to report on leaks especially for a game that I am most excited for but I serve at the pleasure of all readers on this website. For a quick disclaimer before you scroll down anymore none of the in game screenshots showcased spoil anything so it is safe to take a look at them! Enjoy!

Fallout 4 (1)

In this particular screenshot the main character is in his house overlooking his baby in the crib.

Fallout 4 (8)

This one is most likely the title screen for the game and also your garage where you can customize some components of your character. This will most likely be moved to do being able to actually craft and build your own house.

Fallout 4 (7)

Another look at how beautiful Fallout 4’s textures truly are! I have seen a lot of people complain that this game doesn’t look very good graphically but Fallout is not meant to be about incredible graphics and to be completely honest it looks a thousand times better than previous Fallout games!

Fallout 4 (6)

Here is an awesome screenshot of Dogmeat!

Fallout 4 (5)

This is a screenshot of a dead radroach and of course the inventory!

Fallout 4 (4)

In gameplay screenshot it shows you as the main character being escorted most likely to Vault 111.

Fallout 4 (9)

This one really shows off how the Powersuit will look in this game!

Fallout 4 (3)

The third person view in this game looks absolutely incredible I can’t wait to see how it plays compared to the previous games!

Fallout 4 (2)

This looks like its closer to the start of the game when you are running to Vault 111 to escape nuclear war.

Fallout 4 (10)

This last and final screenshot that was leaked showcases you looking at Dogmeat completely destroying what looks to be a mole rat! If this doesn’t get you hyped for Fallout 4 then I don’t know what will! Let us know what you thought of these screenshots in our Forum!

All Fallout 4 Leaked Screenshots (Oct, 31, 2015)

Source: Imgur