Facebook Vigilante Gets Child Predator Arrested After Local Police Tipped Off

Before you comment warriors get ready to blow up the feed take a peak at what a law student had to say about the matter:

To explain a little bit of the law. While yes he did not actually get caught talking to a child he still had the intent to do so. He had this intent to engage in sexual conversation which could have led to actual meeting with a underage child. While he did not physically commit the act he had the intent to do so which is able to be used against him in the court of law. And with him being on video showcasing the intent of engaging in sexual activity with a minor it would give his local police department enough evidence to get a court order to search his premise and computer for any illegal documents which in his case would be child pornography. And since he was arrested theirs a damn good chance they found child pornography on his personal computer or in physical form on his property thus giving them sound reason to arrest his sick self and send him to jail. (Alright I’m done. I’m a pre-law student and I’m going into the part where I would be helping kids and hopefully putting sick asses like the guy who was arrested behind bars. That’s why I said what I did. This is my personal opinion and using my own knowledge of the law in order to write this.

This isn’t the first time a child predator has been brought to justice… Here is another time a predator got got!

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