DJ Says She Will Be ‘Famous’ After 1-Hour Facebook Set Ends With Huge Surprise

There are so many ways to title this post. But 99% of them would make it seem like clickbait. You have to believe me, you won’t expect what happens at the end of this shit.

When I first saw this video I thought what most of you guys are thinking right now. HOLY SHIT THAT IS A BIG ASS. Then you also notice a DJ who has been nipping for 1 hour straight.

Surprisingly, this video has a positive message. She wrote on a board behind her “that she’ll be famous “because of sexism”.”

The stream attracted over a million viewers over the course of one hour and 17 minutes with many Facebook users commenting on her figure – rather than her music.

But all was not what it seemed.


Check out the end of her set: