Desiigner Arrested for Drug Possession and Threatening Someone with Loaded Gun

If you are one of the many people sick of hearing about those god damn pandas then I got some good news for you. The 18-year-old rapper Desiigner was recently arrested for drug possession and threatening someone with a loaded weapon after road rage got out of control.


After a traffic collision between Desiigner’s SUV with another vehicle tempers rose to the point when the rapper threatened the other driver with a loaded gun. The driver called 911 before Desiigners SUV fled the scene, but not before the driver got its license plate number. The police caught up to the SUV and searched the vehicle, inside the found drugs that the believe was intended to be sold and the loaded pistol. All five in the SUV were charged with felonies and are still in custody.

You can watch TMZ’s coverage of the incident in the video below: