Call of Duty Being Sued by Rebel Character from Black Ops 2

This isn’t the first time a warlord’s family tried suing Activision, historic figures really don’t like being in Call of Duty games.

Activision is being sued for €1 million ($1,091,165) by the family of Jonas Savimbi for his depiction in Black Ops 3. Savimbi became famous for leading the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola in a decades-long insurgency against the Angolan government and its largest party, the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola(MPLA), until his death in 2002.


In the first mission of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 you fight alongside Savimbi, providing US support for the rebel army. Savimbi’s family say in the suit that he is represented as a “barbarian” and a “big halfwit who wants to kill everybody” not a “political leader and strategist”.


Activision lawyer Etienne Kowalski denies the claims, telling the Guardian that the game depicts Savimbi as a “good guy … for who he was … a character of Angolan history, a guerrilla chief who fought the MPLA”. He also mentions that the fact that Savimbi is helping Americans depicts him in a favorable light.

The complaint also mentions that Savimbi’s son, who closely resembles his dad, is often recognized in the street as a result of the Black Ops 2 appearance. Calling bullshit on that last complaint, not enough people play the single player of Call of Duty anymore to give a shit about any of the characters to the point of recognizing a look alike in public.

You can watch the first mission of the game where Jonas Savimbi is depicted below:

H/T: Kotaku