Asshole Guy Proposes During Someone Else’s Wedding

Dick move, man. Dick f*cking move. To make it all even worse he did it right in front of the bride and groom!! Come on bro, you couldn’t have stepped a few more feet to get them out of the shot?!

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days in your life. It’s the only day that you can declare your eternal love for another person in front of your friends and family, while simultaneously getting smashed at an open bar. But this grinning idiot decided to make the occasion all about himself.

A guy shared this photo with the title “Any girl’s wedding nightmare,” which shows this teal-shirt-wearing toolbag proposing to a woman in front of the bride and groom.


This probably was not the only “dick move” he made that night though…

H/T Dailydot