Anonymous Leaks Ronda Rouseys “Nude” From Body Paint Photoshoot

You know what one of the best job in the world must be… the guy (or girl we aren’t feminist here) that gets to draw the paint on Ronda’s junk.

You are¬†getting paid to paint her naked body. I wish I’d a paid more attention in art class…

Nobody has seen photos from Rousey’s alleged shoot, but if Sports Illlustratedswimsuit editor MJ Day’s Instagram post is any indication as to what’s in store, we’re in a for a bootyful treat.

The other day we posted the “secret” backside photo of an unnamed model that every knew was Ronda:

A photo posted by @mj_day on


TMZ posted a bunch of pics yesterday just to get everyones imagination racing with an annoying ass black bar covering the goodies.




Well now an uncensored Ronda Rousey body paint pic has been leaked thanks to the great Anonymous dudes. They got bored of hunting down ISIS.


I did a little zoom in job for you guys:


Thanks to for breaking the story to us. You the real MVP.