13-Year-Old Girl Tries to Hire Killer Clown Online to Murder Her Teacher

I think we just figured out why so many clowns have been seen prowling school campuses around the country, turns out that there is a killer clown hit squad dedicated to taking out teachers.


A 13-year-old girl was using social media to reach out to some creepy assholes online in an attempt to hire one to kill her teacher. The person she was trying to hire used a clown picture and name on their profile. The girl must have screwed up and made the request public because the police caught wind of the threat and arrested her for threatening to kill by electronic message. She is currently in custody.


This isn’t the first time the police have had to deal with online killer clowns, there have been several reports of people using clowns to threaten others in the state. They investigate every threat seriously but until now none have were deemed credible.

The teacher who was the girl’s target was informed of the situation, and the police have provided the school with a little extra security until they are sure there is no actual danger.