11 Popular Video Games That Turned Out Much Different Than Planned

It’s amazing that some of my favorite video games of all time are on this list as games that could have been either never been made or been made into something f*cking stupid.

1. Halo Was A Real-Time Strategy Game . . . For The Mac

This is wild – I love Halo and never would have guessed it was introduced at the Macworld convention by none other than Steve Jobs himself.

Considering that Halo ended up being a first-person shooter that launched Microsoft’s Xbox into the stratosphere, its origins couldn’t be more bizarre.


If you want to go back to the very beginning, developer Bungie claims that Halo was originally supposed to be a sci-fi, real-time strategy game.

2. Grand Theft Auto Was A Nonviolent Racing Game

This also surprised me since I spend most of my time in GTA trying to get a ton of stars for doing hood rat sh*t!


Grand Theft Auto‘s origins are far more humble. Conceived as a multiplayer racing game under the name Race’n’Chase, development strategy switched drastically when a glitch caused the game’s cops to start attacking the players viciously.


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